Prolific architect and developer Iwan Sunito launches a new luxury brand

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1 year ago
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Iwan Sunito of Crown Group has launched One Global Residences and Resorts – a new model that provides an elevated level of service and end-user experience for both hotel guests and owner occupiers. 

As part of Crown’s One Group, One Global Residences and Resorts joins Crown Group, SKYE Suites, and The Grand. Sunito has seen much success with his SKYE Suites brand, which is a household name throughout Australia. With locations in Sydney CBD, Green Square, and Paramatta, this brand was created to deliver a level of luxury and convenience to travellers and owner occupiers. 

Image of a bathroom at One Global Residences and Resorts, Waterloo. Image courtesy of One Global Residences and Resorts. 

The new model at One Global Residences and Resorts builds on that of the SKYE Suites brand. Currently, at SKYE Suites, owner occupiers can access the hotel amenities as an add-on. 

At One Global Residences and Resorts, some of the standard hotel services are included for hotel guests and owner occupiers alike. 

Sunito believes this upgraded hybridised luxury residential and hotel format will be a much-needed shake-up for the industry. 

“One Global Residences and Resorts will cater to a growing community who are looking for a curated experience in premium residential ‘facilities’. It will set a new benchmark in premium apartment living in Australia. It will be an Australia first,” says Mr Sunito.

“The four or five-bedroom trophy home with a huge backyard and a pool isn’t everyone’s dream home anymore. As a society, we’re much more lifestyle focused, and this new combined residences and hotel offering will deliver on that vision.”

One Global Residences and Resorts will do away with the rigidity of traditional residential building management and instead have hotel staff perform lead roles in providing a luxury level of service for resident occupiers and hotel visitors alike.

Services may include anything from 24-hour room service from the project’s in-house five-star restaurant to hiring a private jet or having a celebrated chef cater a private function. The approach, according to Sunito, is inspired by a global trend in branded hotels like Aman Residences and Bvlgari Hotels and Residences. 

The first planned premium apartment and hotel offerings from One Global Residences and Resorts will be Mastery in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo and a prime site development in Macquarie Park. 

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Header image courtesy of One Global Residences and Resorts.