Proudly responsible and perfectly perched to make the most of today and Tomorrow

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2 years ago
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Despite carrying a homely village vibe, Northcote has always been one of Melbourne's most progressive suburbs. Led by Young Group, John Patrick Landscape Architects, MAP Architecture, m3 Consult, and Marshall White Projects have come together to capture all the best of Northcote through Tomorrow. This unique development is proudly responsible - representing the best in sustainability - and perfectly perched to enjoy some of the best views across the suburb. 

From the elegant John Patrick landscaped gardens to m3 Consult's thoughtful ESD design integration and MAP’s architectural flair, each well-proportioned one, two and three-bedroom residence at Tomorrow makes an undeniable, positive impact on its residents and the local landscape. 

Homes that care for you and the environment 


Tomorrow focuses on enhancing the lives of both its residents and the surrounding environment. Thanks to a combination of sustainable elements integrated into the design intent, the development boasts an incredible 7.5 NatHERS rating. 

The development team has demonstrated incredible attention to detail throughout every stage of Tomorrow. The development has been cleverly designed to passively adapt to changes in the environment through wall and ceiling insulation, thermal breaks, double-glazing and natural ventilation. Additionally, the insulation features a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled materials and does not contain any ozone-depleting substances. 

Solar panels on the rooftop harness the sun’s rays to power the building services. The rooftop also features a catchment area to naturally harvest stormwater for use in toilets and to keep the landscaping lush and healthy. All remaining water needs are met through a suite of 5 Star WELS rated fittings and fixtures that reduce the volume of mains water usage. 

As a Tomorrow resident, you will quickly notice a significant reduction to your carbon footprint and spend almost 30% less on your energy bills - without having to change your lifestyle. 

Simple, flexible and awash in natural light


One of the key aspects evident throughout Tomorrow is the incorporation of natural light. All homes feature large, light-filled living spaces surrounded by double-glazed, full-height sliding doors and windows. Together with the inclusion of premium, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, the generous use of glazing further reduces daily energy consumption. 

The windows do more than invite an abundance of natural daylight to the core of these homes; they also create a visual and physical link between the indoor and outdoor areas. Living at Tomorrow is defined by the spectacular views - the dynamic vista adding a sense of drama to the architecturally designed interiors. 

The interior design is guided by principles of simplicity and flexibility that allow spaces to adapt and grow with their residents. Intelligent choices and intuitive design elements ensure form and function go hand in hand. The palette is calming, warm and inviting - characterised by the generous use of natural stone and timber accents. All timber has been sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified, recycled or reused, ensuring even the material palette treads lightly on the planet. 


Carefully considered


From only a first glance, it's evident that everything has been carefully considered when creating Tomorrow - from conception through to design, construction and liveability. So come home to Tomorrow and find yourself in moments of mindfulness perched on the spacious balcony or going about your daily routine in a home that is awash in natural light - even in the middle of winter. 

Tomorrow is the perfect apartment for those of us wanting to live a little closer to nature, with a little more care towards our natural world, without compromising on creature comforts, style or functionality. For more information on Tomorrow, click here.