Ruskin Elwood embraces Tesla integration and 100% fossil fuel free design

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2 years ago
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Ruskin Elwood places sustainability at the forefront of design. Fieldwork architects and HIP V. Hype have designed this development to run on 100% renewable energy, create a better planet for the future and enhance residents’ quality of life. 

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Ruskin Elwood is located in the leafy, beachside suburb of Elwood. The property is just two blocks away from Elwood beach and a five minute walk from Elwood village. Situated right next to the Elwood Canal, this sustainable development is nestled amongst heritage-listed trees that are cared for throughout the neighbourhood. The design emphasises durable and natural materials that have been locally sourced, where possible. The natural materials in conjunction with the idyllic location of Ruskin Elwood will allow residents to experience a strong connection between the local environment and community.  

With a 7+ NatHERS rating in design, Ruskin Elwood is a formidable example of sustainable design principles in action. The development features Tesla’s sustainable energy technology, solar battery technology and is able to be run on 100% renewable energy, leading the way towards a fossil fuel-free future.

Rainwater collection tanks, high-performance windows and an advanced energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system have also been built into the design of Ruskin Elwood, emphasising principles of passive design throughout each aspect of the building. Each of these elements contribute to an uninterrupted energy supply and will help to reduce energy costs. 

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External shading and the north-south aspect of this development build upon these passive design principles by enhancing solar penetration as well as natural cross-ventilation. There is a high level of insulation throughout the building with airtight construction being a focus of the design, ensuring thermal efficiency throughout the building. 

Ruskin Elwood demonstrates the way in which sustainable design and prosocial design intersect with one another. Fieldwork sees architecture as a vital social and civic practice that each and every one of us engage with on a daily basis. Sustainable design principles are therefore intertwined with the way residents experience and enjoy their daily life at Ruskin Elwood. 

Creating architecture with a strong commitment to a fossil fuel-free future has been at the forefront of Ruskin Elwood’s development. Most importantly, the project is imbued with a belief that considered design and construction are vital for the creation of a fossil fuel-free future. Every element has been designed and included with an ambition to enhance the quality of life for residents. 

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Interiors have been designed to reflect the calming atmosphere of Elwood’s coastal location. Just as Ruskin Elwood is architecturally inspired by the local, natural environment, the interior colour palette has been similarly considered. Textured stone materials have been added to bathrooms as well as circulation zone floors with pale oak timber in living areas and bedrooms. There is a warm, earthy tone throughout each of these environmentally considered residences. North-facing windows provide a direct connection to tree canopies below and flood apartments with natural light during the day. 

Ruskin Elwood is at the forefront of sustainable, socially considered design. With a commitment to enhancing the life of residents and paving a path for a fossil fuel-free future, Ruskin Elwood is an ideal location for environmentally-minded people. 


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