SA Government invests $5 million in greener CBD

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2 years ago
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The State Government in South Australia has recently promised that $5 million will go towards a range of greening programs in Adelaide. This money will be divided between greening projects run by Green Adelaide, a state government agency, as well as grants and rebates for property owners. 

Green Adelaide is currently leading the way, advocating that Adelaide be transformed  into the next ‘National Park City’, and has submitted an application to the National Park City foundations based in London. 

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This initiative aims to implement trees, cooling plants and green walls throughout the hottest and most desolate areas of Adelaide’s CBD. $1 million will be dedicated to the creation of a “cool corridor” of greenery planted throughout streets and laneways in the city. $2 million will be spent on the Greener City Streets Program, whilst $1.5 million will be put towards grants for green walls and roofs. $500,000 will also be allocated towards water rebates for greening projects. 

These projects will be delivered over the next four years by the City of Adelaide and SA Water. They are aimed at creating a CBD that is cooler, more climate-resistant and greener. 

David Spiers, South Australia’s Environment and Water Minister, has stated that “Heat mapping data has been used to determine the warmest areas of the CBD and we will partner with the City of Adelaide to make a focused effort to green and cool these areas through planting trees and other plants and building green roofs and walls.”

“The ‘cool corridor’ is a vision for a green walkway through the heart of the city through multi-use paths, shade and greenery that creates a more attractive and cooler city space for everyone to enjoy”, Spiers continued.

“The ‘Wild Walls and Roofs’ grants will provide CBD building owners with up to $50,000 to build green walls and roofs on commercial and residential dwellings, and the ‘Green Water Rebates’ will trial the application of discounted water rates for new projects that are designed to cool and green Adelaide’s CBD.

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“Green walls and roofs are an effective and alternative way to improve the visual amenity of the city, which improves wellbeing and encourages people to spend more time in an area which helps stimulate our economy,” said Spiers. “They are also a way to reduce heat impacts where there is little space for street trees and parks.”

With South Australia’s government investing in green spaces in Adelaide’s CBD, the city’s future is sure to be a sustainable one. For sustainably minded property buyers, Adelaide may be the perfect place to make your next investment. 

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