Safest Investment Suburbs

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9 years ago
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Investment, specifically in property, is weighing up costs and climates against predictions and trends - this is often worded as a 'calculated risk'. But for those who are looking for a slower cardio-workout, there are suburbs across Australia that are providing consistent and safe grounds, especially for apartments.

Over the past 12 months we have been witness to new developments making a remarkable rise in both choice and in cost, and whilst a lot of developers, investors and home-buyers are looking for that next new 'it' suburb, area or street, safety, consistency and predictability make any development all the more attractive.

The good news for buyers is that, according to CoreLogic RP Data, Sydney and Melbourne, whilst still the dominating force in property sales, are experiencing slightly slower price increases. Importantly, the 'extensive' media flurry highlighting a property price downfall isn't particularly well-founded or supported, and it appears that property is still proving to be an excellent investment opportunity. 

Most markets and suburbs throughout the nation are experiencing some degree of growth from month to month - yet if you are still looking for a quiet investment, in a safer suburb, then the Australian suburbs below, are surely to appeal.

Specifically, Melbourne is offering more affordable apartments that are closer to the CBD than those in Sydney, in new units ranging from $440,000 to $490,000. According to the Commonwealth Bank, The following suburbs are areas to watch this coming year, specifically for first-home buyers:


Caulfield East

Box Hill

North Melbourne




Point Cook

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