Ten To Twelve Lindsay Street — professionally designed to feel like home

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4 years ago
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Ten To Twelve Lindsay Street in Brighton has been crafted by a team of award-winning industry experts who know what it’s like to live in the coastal suburb intimately.

“I really love the area and don’t live far from Lindsay Street myself,” says Miriam Fanning of Mim Design. “It has everything to offer with an array of serene beaches, beautiful shops, prestigious schools, glorious gardens, and easy accessibility — it offers everything.”

And what has the team designed to celebrate the surrounding natural landscape of Lindsay Street? A boutique collection of homes featuring opulent fittings and fixtures purposely chosen as if the designers were going to live here themselves.


“When we design, we put ourselves in the resident’s shoes,” Miriam says. “And painstakingly consider every detail, from the generosity of space to the monumental stone kitchen island bench, which gives these residences a sense of sheer elegance and authenticity.”

“As soon as you walk in the front door, you can step into your own grand entry with lots of useful storage and a glorious stone floor. You can hang your dog lead up or pop your mail there. The space feels so expansive and as though all your needs have been considered.”

Ten To Twelve Lindsay Street is in an environment that’s been specially designed to give residents room to live. Lavish floor-to-ceiling windows fill the generous living area and corridors with an abundance of light, while large bedrooms are given the same, luxurious treatment. In every room, from the kitchen to the bathrooms to the walk-in robes — space is offered in abundance.


“On the weekend rather than wanting to go out, you actually want to spend your time here because you just love the feeling of the space,” Miriam adds.

She even claims to envy the walk-in robes, which have been crafted with specific attention paid to hanging systems and illumination. 

“Ten To Twelve Linsday Street is all about the finer things in life. “I would actually love these robes for myself!”


Meanwhile, acclaimed landscape architect Jack Merlo has cocooned the building in a verdant border, connecting it to the canopy of trees found along Lindsay Street. Lush courtyards complement the architecture, alongside serene rooftop gardens and a mix of evergreen and deciduous plantings to cultivate an environment of natural beauty.

“The layering of the landscape design provides a softness to the building,” Jack says. “The spacious courtyards are well-oriented with begonias and greenery overhead to ensure a soft dappled light can be experienced for most of the day.”

“We’ve also put a real emphasis on creating gardens which are manageable and relatively low-maintenance, as well as featuring beautiful details to enjoy in every season.”


With its position on a quiet and picturesque street, yet just moments from the hustle and bustle of Church Street, Ten To Twelve Lindsay Street boasts a unique and highly desirable lifestyle, with access to the best of Brighton. 

Not many other villages have a range of bakeries, high-end fashion boutiques, an independent cinema and a train station. All of these, and more, are just a short stroll from the project’s doorstep.

“It wasn’t just about an apartment with four walls, it was about an apartment with personality,” says Paul Conrad of Conrad Architects. “And that’s what the finer things in life for Linsday St have always been about for us.”


Inspired by the area, Mr Conrad envisioned an address of thoughtful forms and confident materiality. The design takes full advantage of light, space and the inherent visual beauty of Lindsay Street to create, quite simply, a home of ageless character.

"Timeless character is created by using traditional proportions, restrained details and elegant finishes - those elements used for thousands of years to create beautiful architecture.”

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