A Word From Leonard Teplin

Market Insights
9 years ago
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The 2014 spring season ended Marshall White Projects helping a record number of both investors and owner occupiers into their new apartment or town home.

The strength of the residential property market in Melbourne over the past 12 months continues to illustrate the confidence of bricks and mortar. Whilst the volatility within the share market reflects the mixed news pertaining to the economy, the property market historically continues to performs well.

Undoubtedly, historically low interest rates will continue to underpin the strength of the property market, however so too does the growing confidence in property from locals looking to downsize and also fromoverseas buyers looking to secure a property with an established infrastructure, namely private schools , transport and convenient shopping.

Property prices continue to rise at sustainable levels as buyers are find acceptablevalue in Melbourne property, particularly in the prestigious leafy suburbs or “wealth belt “ of metropolitan Melbournewhere there continues to be a scarcity of quality

Development on offer

Record numbers of investors and owner occupiers buying apartments and townhomes in the final quarter of 2014 hasn’t slated the markets appetite. Marshall White projects receive on average 37 enquires daily.

Given the momentum from 2014 , we forecast much the same for the first half of 2015, so don’t delay a buying decision.

Written by Leonard Teplin, Director of Project Marketing at Marshall White.

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