Yves offers stunning beachside apartments expertly designed by Rothelowman

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1 year ago
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Yves, Mermaid Beach truly redefines beachside living. Located in idyllic Mermaid Beach, these stunning apartments have been expertly designed by Rothelowman to foster the ultimate life of calm and tranquility. 

With two-bedroom apartments starting from $875,000 and three-bedroom ocean-view apartments from $1.5 million, these picturesque, tranquil Mermaid Beach homes are an offering not to be missed. 

For those interested in learning more about the design of Yves, Mermaid Beach, Yves will hold a VIP design soiree in collaboration with Coco Republic at Coco Republic/Brickworks, Ferry Road. 

The event will be held on Thursday, September 8, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, with the award-winning architects at Rothelowman in attendance. In addition to enjoying an intimate conversation with Rothelowman, attendees will also be treated to a discussion about how you can furnish your dream residence with Coco Republic. 

Intuitive architecture that welcomes you home 

Yves is designed by renowned architects Rothelowman. Click here to enquire. 

Yves reflects Rothelowman’s expertise and approach to intuitive architecture. The elegant design showcases their signature uncluttered and natural style, making ideal homes for a beachside lifestyle. 

Situated on a triangular site, Rothelowman has cleverly used the orientation of Yves to its advantage to create a dramatic effect. The architecture is inspired by the principle of compression and release, resulting in a design that is perfectly balanced and in tune with residents’ lifestyles. 

Rothelowman has carefully curated a deliberately intimate arrival experience. Upon arrival at Yves, you will be met with subtropical plantings that create a sense of anticipatory tension. This is immediately followed by a powerful feeling of freedom and wonder when you are greeted by the expansive four-storey-high lobby space, thus evoking a sense of compression and release. 

This drama and intimacy fosters a sense that you are truly coming home to something special every time you come to Yves. 

This design is further articulated in the stunning ocean views captured in several three-bedroom apartments available. Starting from $1.5 million, these stunning residences perfectly showcase the complementary nature of Yves’ exterior environment and interior design. 

Nature-inspired design 

Yves is perfectly positioned on Mermaid Avenue, directly opposite Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. Click here to enquire. 

Rothelowman has been significantly influenced by Yves’ surrounding natural environment in this project’s design. This is most notable in the choice of materiality throughout the project. 

The subtropical plantings featured on the ground level and podium create a calm and tranquil atmosphere to match the serenity provided by a soundtrack of surf. This atmosphere also reflects the relaxed stretch of coastline situated just a short stroll from Yves. 

The pared-back palette and open-plan design in each apartment further reinforce a connection to the ocean and a calm atmosphere.

Generous in size, the open-plan design of residences maximises space to allow a free flow of light and air. 

Yves is currently under construction by Hutchinson Builders. Click here to enquire. 

Construction of Yves is now underway. With Hutchinson Builders at the helm, the project is expected to be completed in 2024. 

This expertly designed project is a true beachside oasis, an opportunity not to be missed. For those intrigued to learn more about Yves’ interiors, their event with Coco Republic on September 8 will shed light on Rothelowman’s architectural and interior design. 

To learn more about Yves, or to enquire, click here.