Avery: Luxury design inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi

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1 year ago
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Nestled in leafy Glen Iris is Avery - an exquisite collection of 24 luxurious apartments. Exemplifying a balanced and harmonious way of living, Avery’s design was shaped by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi where simplicity, serenity, and space are balanced to create a grounding sense of place.

Architecturally designed by the expert team at Alta Architecture, Avery is a new perspective on Glen Iris living from the pinnacle of High Street.


Simplistic sophistication

Come home to open light-filled spaces of rich textures and clean finishes at Avery. Click here to learn more

The Japanese concept of wabi sabi is a design philosophy that celebrates natural textures and elemental, unembellished forms. It is a focus on the essential, where everything you need is in the space around you - no more, no less.

The result is an elegant collection of understated yet timeless residences. Fostering true convenience, two and three-bedroom apartments come with a minimum of two car park spaces and storage - an offering rare to come by. Inside, your living spaces seamlessly integrate with Avery’s environment to provide a sanctuary for all of life’s seasons. A warm, muted palette is enlivened by an abundance of natural light, balanced by clean lines and pristine finishes. Generously proportioned open-plan living rooms open out to outdoor spaces that bring year-round verdure, while floor-to-ceiling windows further reinforce your connection to nature.

These apartments are not concerned with the excesses of design for its own sake. Rather, these homes have been intuitively crafted to hold what matters most in life.


The finer details

Comprised of quality features and fixtures, Avery is true design perfection. Click here to learn more.

Breathtaking even at first glance, Avery’s architecture and interiors foster design perfection. Furthered by the features and fixtures in your home, it is evident that every detail has been considered.

Oak veneer floors ground your interior spaces with their natural, earthen tone. Extending to your kitchen, the warm timber contrasts harmoniously with monolithic smooth stone benches to create a calming balance. Dark gunmetal fixtures further complement this blend of textures and hues, reflecting nature’s rhythm and flow.

From the sand and stone of your private zen garden to the generous use of glass that captures the light, every quality of Avery flawlessly makes these residences feel like a home.


A home embraced by peaceful greenery

Relax and rejuvenate in your private garden oasis at Avery. Click here to learn more.

Situated on the pinnacle of High Street, Avery is embraced by Glen Iris’ bountiful greenery. This idyllic address’ verdant character is made apparent within your walls, where ground-floor gardens and curated terrace gardens place nature as a prominent feature within your apartment.

This intuitive design fosters an innate connection to the environment. Alvin Xu, Director of Alta Architecture, explained, “I’d been exploring this idea of wabi sabi for years. With Avery, I was inspired to create tranquillity within an increasingly busy city, and install calm into every aspect of the design."

At Avery, every residence welcomes the simplistic beauty of the outdoors. While inside, a pristine sanctuary that will stand the test of time awaits.

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