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1542 High St, Glen Iris, Victoria 3146

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A rare collection of 24 luxurious apartments in leafy Glen Iris

When we focus on the essentials, we make more room for what truly matters.

Light, connection to nature, space to breathe and unwind. The balance of these elements is the key to creating a true home.

Avery was shaped by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, which celebrates natural texture and elemental, unembellished forms. At every stage of the design, our architects pursued the idea of living spaces harmoniously integrated with their surrounding environments. In pursuit of this ideal, they have crafted a collection of unique, peaceful dwellings to hold what matters most in life.

In designing AVERY, we sought to imbue natural simplicity and strength into every detail. The calm, collected feeling of having everything you need in the space around you — no more, no less. A balanced, harmonious dwelling.

A new perspective on Glen Iris living, from the pinnacle of High Street.