Norfolk Burleigh Heads, Australia 108 and One Barangaroo shortlisted for Building of the Year 2022

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Voting for Building of the Year 2022 is underway, with Norfolk, designed by Koichi Takada and Australia 108, designed by architect Fender Katsalidis shortlisted in the Housing category.  

The Building of the Year Awards are hosted by ArchDaily with Dornbracht, and are being presented for the 13th consecutive year in 2022. This is an international award that spans across 15 categories, with registered ArchDaily users able to vote during each stage. Previous winners of the award for Housing include Presence in Hormuz 2 by ZAV Architects and L’Arbre Blanc Residential Tower by Sou Fujimoto Architects, Nicolas Laisné, OXO architects and Dimitri Roussel. 

Norfolk, Gold Coast 

Norfolk’s layers and curves expose unique characteristics to each apartment on every level. 

Norfolk, Gold Coast is one of the Australian properties up for nomination in the Housing category. International multi-award-winning architect Koichi Takada has designed this innovative residential building to mirror the native Norfolk pine cone. Overlapping curves and linear screenings have been incorporated into the building to create a mesmerising visual effect while protecting residents from the elements. 

Norfolk has been extremely well received by the market with all fifteen apartments sold out before completion. The unique architecture is already receiving high praises from local Burleigh Heads residents and social media users.

Australia 108, Southbank

Australia 108 is the highest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Australia 108 has also been nominated in the Housing category of Building of the Year 2022. Designed by the award winning teams at Fender Katsalidis (architect) and Carr (interiors), this unique building fosters a sense of place and belonging within the vertical community. 

The building’s iconic Starburst feature is inspired by the Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag and is positioned 210 metres above ground, with all of the building’s amenities encapsulated inside. Nicky Drobis, director at Fender Katsalidis, has said that “A key objective for us when designing the Starburst was to create a civic-style environment that would help foster an authentic sense of connection among residents, like that of a town hall. It is humbling to see this being realised and residents embracing it”.

One Barangaroo, Barangaroo

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One Barangaroo has also been shortlisted. At 275 metres tall, the structural form of the building is inspired by three interwoven petals that twist vertically as they emanate from the ground. Architects WilkinsonEyre have designed the building to work with Barangaroo’s zero waste strategy and the Climate Positive Development Program.  

ArchDaily registered users have until February 9th to vote in the first stage, with finalists being announced on the same day, and the winner on February 17th. 

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