STH BNK By Beulah: A look into Australia’s first 5-minute vertical city in the heart of Melbourne

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1 month ago
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In the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant Southbank will be a city within a city. Deemed Australia’s first five-minute vertical city, STH BNK By Beulah exceeds the global urban planning benchmark of 15 minutes, home to the most comprehensive collection of world-class amenities in any Australian skyscraper that those lucky enough to call this address home can reach within mere minutes.

Research by the Victorian Government identified that 20 minutes is the maximum time people are willing to walk to meet their daily needs locally. In addition, there is overwhelming evidence that active, walkable places produce a wealth of health, social, economic, and environmental benefits. At STH BNK, residents can achieve this in just five minutes with everything at their doorstep.

The State Government’s program outlines six key focus areas, with STH BNK By Beulah covering all six areas and more, to create a thriving mini-metropolis in the heart of Melbourne.

The Victorian Government Hallmarks of which STH BNK meet.

STH BNK successfully meets all of the Victorian Government’s Hallmarks of a 20-minute neighbourhood, the overarching principle being a safe, accessible, and well-connected development for pedestrians and cyclists to optimise public transport. Other hallmarks include being a high-quality public realm and having inviting open spaces, providing services and destinations that support local living, and including housing diversity across multiple sizes and price points.

Adelene Teh, Executive Director of developer Beulah, speaks on the project’s innovative design, saying, “Evidence suggests that active, walkable places produce not only health and environmental benefits, but social and economic benefits too. 

“STH BNK By Beulah is redefining what can be made possible by exploring true vertical living. 

“By providing a mini metropolis that truly has everything within walking distance, individuals can free up more time and focus on what matters most, as opposed to travelling or commuting.”

The extensively landscaped STH BNK Steps leading up to the world’s tallest vertical garden.

STH BNK By Beulah offers a stunning collection of one, two, three, and four-bedroom residences. Residents of these architecturally designed homes in the sky will have access to the development’s world-class resort-inspired amenities. With an articulating tower design, essential retail, specialty stores, and services are elevated, not scattered.

An entire podium level at STH BNK is devoted to a comprehensive wellness precinct designed to be a major health and wellness destination for the city. Here, you will find a nutrition centre, hair and beauty providores, spa and sauna, pool, gymnasium, and more.

STH BNK’s innovative Wellness Precinct will occupy an entire podium level.

Minutes from residents’ front doors will also be a childcare centre, extensive green spaces including expansive rooftop gardens and pocket parks dotted throughout, an innovative cultural centre in partnership with Centre Pompidou, sustainably sourced food markets, commercial office spaces, and so much more.

“This project is awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping,” remarked Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne.

“It will have a ripple effect in spreading confidence throughout the city and abroad. 

“It signals that Melbourne does not rest on its laurels and always strives to be bold and ambitious.

“It will challenge all future developments to not only consider but to conquer the incredible.”

Boasting the most comprehensive collection of world-class amenities in any Australian skyscraper, it is no wonder that STH BNK was named one of Melbourne’s coolest projects by The Urban Developer. The publication recognised the innovative development for its awe-inspiring and boundary-pushing design, being the tallest vertical garden in the world and the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest skyscraper. 

STH BNK visionary retail offering will be the future of retail in Melbourne.

Introducing Melbourne’s first Four Seasons Hotel is also a privilege and a testament to the project’s excitement, underpinning Beulah’s commitment to deliver a project of a highly esteemed calibre.

“Following our initial research into the location, we realised that more liveliness, interaction, and community creation needed to be introduced,” said Ben van Berkel, Co-founder and Principal Architect of UNStudio – the architects behind STH BNK’s design.

“A clockwise planning strategy was needed to ensure the correct balance of different programmes so that the neighbourhood would be activated throughout the day and evening. 

“The introduction of a cultural component and ‘third spaces’ where people could gather and meet was also essential to this long-term placemaking strategy.”

A visionary mini-metropolis in Melbourne’s coveted Southbank.

From an innovative art gallery, world-class retail, and a dedicated wellness precinct, residents of STH BNK will have all this and more within five minutes of their front doors.

Buyers have loved this iconic new address, with 80% of STH BNK’s residences now sold. Sales continue to be strong.

One, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments are still available, with one-bedders priced from $682,000.

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