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820 Whitehorse Road, Box HIll, Victoria 3128

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The centrepiece of a privileged lifestyle.

A sophisticated new arrival on Melbourne’s eastern skyline, East Central Tower is a modern day sanctuary and exclusive lifestyle destination designed by Melbourne’s leading architects of skyrise living, Fender Katsalidis.

At an elevated address, overlooking a busy urban centre below, architecture is a symbolic reference of the neighbourhood’s heritage; the orchards of its past and its historic tree-lined avenues.

The 6 level podium is a lively presence, connecting to the streetscape with a series of premium retail and commercial zones. It's carefully crafted form mimics the earth, out of which the ‘tree’ of the tower grows, anchoring the design while dramatically separating the podium from the 24 storey residential tower above. Echoing the corrugated, tree-lined ridges prevalent across the local landscape, the top of the podium features a series of outdoor gardens bordering a wealth of social and wellbeing amenity to rival a world-class hotel. Soaring above, the tower is articulated by a series of slender ribs, thinning as they spread up from the base like the limbs of a tree. The branch-like veil wraps around the façade to deliver a contemporary lifestyle statement that will resonate as a modern lifestyle icon for generations to come.

Enter an urban paradise within, where endless options to entertain or be entertained are a set a across a lavishly designed inner sanctum; hidden from view but open to the surrounding panorama.