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269 Stewart Street, Brunswick East, Victoria 3057

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Lofts Homes by Austin Maynard Architects from $700K

Designed on a personal scale with great environmental integrity, the collection of apartments and lofts are perfectly placed in a quiet residential street. 

The Stewart Collective uses architecture and technology to reduce its impact on the environment. The sustainable initiatives are a serious commitment to offering residents better choices. 

From the electric car charging stations and a world-first in shared solar technology, the design of each home will set a new example for environmentally conscious living in city surrounds.

The solar energy system from Allume is the first to provide a smart sharing system that can distribute and monitor solar power to individual homes. It runs behind the existing electricity meter, offering simplicity and reduced costs that are too good to ignore.  

NatHERS rates the thermal efficiency of a home. It means so much more than including a few energy efficient appliances and a token solar panel. Achieving a 7.5 star rating means less energy is required to keep interiors at a comfortable climate, in any season. The by-products are lower bills and a reduced environmental footprint.

Austin Maynard Architects have made sure the interiors have everything you need to live well, and nothing you don’t need. The best part is how individual each home will feel. The interiors think of all types of families and how they will want to live in spaces of true quality. 

Each floorplan makes thoughtful use of generous spaces and many have interchangeable living aspects, opening to balconies that make an effortless connection to the outdoors.

An innovative development of outstanding sustainability, liveability and natural beauty.