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141 Arden Street, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051

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New York lofts by Kennedy Nolan

Inside the building, the individual residences – six warehouses and two lofts – have been custom designed to deliver a very specific lifestyle. The Interior spaces will feel warm and generous, with opportunities to look out over the surrounding streets, and enjoy privacy from the urban environment. 

Interior detailing has been enhanced by collaborations with various designers, to introduce a handmade, bespoke quality to the homes.

Our design for Lothian Street draws on an approach to architecture that is continually being developed at Kennedy Nolan. This ongoing process is guided by two fundamental motivations or tendencies. 

We want to be contemporary, in that we want to reflect the culture and sensibility of the present, and we want to add depth, meaning and richness to the contemporary architectural expression through memory. We do this through evoking collective or even personal memory, and making memorable architecture.

The formal and conceptual vision for Lothian Street is supported and refined through fine details and expressive elements, with the combined effect of lifting the architectural fabric to something more than the sum of its parts. 

The specification of pressed-clay bricks, from Krause Bricks in Stawell, provides a link to the history of the local area, but also gives the building an earthy texture for those in close quarters and a beautifully textured surface when viewed from a distance. Decorative porcelain tiles, designed and printed locally by Bonnie and Neil, are applied to the entry walls, in a nod to the tradition of Arts and Crafts architecture. They are used to signal the building threshold and deliver a memorable moment of arrival for residents and visitors. 

Other artisanal and designer elements, timber door hardware from IN-TERIA and lighting from DANIEL EMMA, contribute a heightened feeling of authenticity and individuality to the building’s overall scheme of textured, natural materials.

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