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481 Victoria Street, West Melbourne, Victoria 3003

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The perfect home should feel made to fit. It should be a place where living unfolds naturally and effortlessly and where everything you could ever need is positioned conveniently close at hand.

Pairing West Melbourne’s unrivalled location with an exceptional team of designers and one of the city’s leading developers, Tailor residences encapsulate the true essence of ‘tailor-made’ living; offering a variety of dwellings curated to accommodate each and every type of homeowner.

Conceived by the luminary minds at Nicholas Murray Architects, bespoke innovation is at Tailor’s crux; reflected in the design both aesthetically and structurally. Complete with astute features, it is evident each home has been painstakingly considered and crafted to anticipate the contemporary West Melbourne lifestyle while still holding onto the essence of timelessness.

A series of savvy design features imparts these homes with a ‘tailor made’ quality. Every facet has been meticulously considered and purposefully appointed, all so the act of living feels effortless – like a perfect fit.

“The way we dwell is changing. Quality of space is key with double, open-ended homes providing individual open, yet covered, entry points — enhancing cross ventilation and promoting a strong sense of arrival into each home," Director of Nicholas Murray Architects, Nicholas Murray, says.

Oversized and light-filled, find repose within the bounds of your own private sanctuary. Plush carpets feel as soft underfoot as they look – the most luxurious way to start your morning.

Adjoining terraces make for idyllic spots to perch with your morning coffee and newspaper, overlooking breathtaking views of the city skyline. Adjacent to North Melbourne and the city, West Melbourne is a small suburb gifted with a diverse lifestyle landscape. With the city just minutes away, the locale couldn’t be more connected. It’s been successful, however, in retaining a suburban charm and a distinct, charismatic identity.