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185 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne, Victoria 3003

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A Lifestyle Experience Like No Other

“The Foundry exudes an eclectic character, reminiscent of converted warehouses or loft apartments.” Mark Healy, Six Degrees Architects

The Foundry expresses a sawtooth form, dressed in classic brick and framed by textured concrete.

Offering only 57 apartments engaging Rosslyn Street to the north, The Foundry truly delivers an authentic industrial aesthetic, with a contemporary twist that is both inspired and liveable.

Crafted interiors hark back to the days of early industrialisation, celebrating a robust, raw material palette with a refined modern touch. Austere black steel, terrazzo and polished concrete are balanced with elegant marble, brass detail and delicate glass in various forms, while exposed red sprinkler pipes accent a monochromatic scheme. There is a warehouse approach to the space, compartmentalising layouts to deliver expansive views.

Exposed high ceilings evoke an authentic industrial vibe, offering a heightened level of light and space. With long diagonal views reminiscent of a modern warehouse, there is abundant natural light and ventilation. Black bolted steel and joinery work together to reflect the craftsmanship of local blacksmiths, versus something mass produced. Juxtaposed against these raw foundations are touches of neon, stained glass trims, brass kickers and timber herringbone parquetry. These add a level of detail for a space to be lived in and built upon.