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18 Wilkinson Road, Sunshine, Victoria 3020

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Homes by Glen Chamberlain

Ingeniously brought to life by Chamberlain Architects, Verse showcases distinctly modern architecture, instilled with an air of understated luxury.

Each home has been curated with future occupants in mind. This is evident in the meticulous attention to detail, the inclusion of generous floorplans and a commitment to functionality — present in all living areas.

Crafted with a deep understanding and respect for the garden suburb ideology, these homes are inspired by the very site they reside on — where pre-existing trees have been retained and incorporated into the design.

There is an undeniable homeliness to the interiors. Earthy tones and wool carpets imbue a prevailing sense of calm, while simultaneously ensuring homeowners can include their own personal touches. Spacious floorplans, durable materiality and an abundance of natural light only further enhance the livability of these spaces, creating a home you won’t want to leave.

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